Real-time patient information

We can provide sponsors with a greater opportunity to learn about development compounds in a broader patient population involved in the early phase of clinical development.

By leveraging real-time patient information during an ongoing clinical trial, we can both enable early decisions and trigger an effective adaptation of the clinical trial design for the patient’s benefit.

Strengthening the link

As a clinical trial sponsor with us, you will be working with a clinical trial site on the cutting edge of science. You will have access to a broader and higher quality data source that you can use to inform and direct your research strategy.

We can strengthen the link between emerging science and patient-driven needs. You will be able to understand more clearly what impact your development drug is having on someone’s life. Through rules engines and probabilistic modelling applied to real-time, relevant, and integrated knowledge, it becomes possible to predict what’s likely to happen before it does.

Our collaboration will drive science – revolutionising decision-making by using the past to efficiently predict the future. And throughout, your trial will be delivered efficiently and effectively, with greater transparency.


Shethah Morgan, Early Clinical Development, IMED Biotech Unit, AstraZeneca

“Driving patient centric innovation in our clinical trials is at the heart of everything we do to push the boundaries of medical research”

Shethah Morgan, Early Clinical Development, IMED Biotech Unit, AstraZeneca

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