Supporting the patient

By supporting the patient in their use of our digital monitoring tools, nurses can help to drive scientific understanding of the science, and facilitate faster decision-making as a clinical trial progresses.

As a nurse, you are a vital lynch pin between the patient and the rest of the medical team. You can directly empower patients so that they know what is happening at every stage of the trial, and feel free to discuss their progress and personal experience. This will directly benefit patients and their families.

A greater understanding

The information provided by the patient when they are at home and away from clinic will give you and your clinical colleagues a greater understanding of the effect of the drug when patients are not in hospital.

digitalECMT will enable rules engines and probabilistic modelling to allow for efficient and effective monitoring of patients between hospital practice and clinical trial departments. Through supporting patients in this innovative approach to monitoring and recording their own experiences, you will be an integral part of enabling the patient’s voice to be heard.