Engaging patients, driving decisions

Our mission is to innovate and apply digital science to transform
decision-making in early clinical trials and the patient's role

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Delivering tomorrow's clinical trials today

  1. Changing the conduct of clinical trials

  2. Changing the exploration and interpretation of clinical trial data in real-time

Why is our work important?

Modern research is being changed by technology through mobile technologies, home test-kits and sensors, which brings with it the opportunity to make changes to patient care pathways and fundamentally change early clinical trial delivery. We are challenging the current thinking about how clinical trials are delivered and argue that the trials of the future need to be reframed to engage more purposefully with patients. Putting patients at the centre of early clinical trials transforms their role from that of a passive subject to a positive participant and potential co-researcher with us.

Based within the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, part of the University of Manchester, and closely aligned with the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre based at The Christie NHS Foundation Hospital, the digital ECMT aims to transform the way decisions in cancer treatment are made. Our aim is to fundamentally change the dynamics of early clinical trials.

The patient’s perspective

Patient using PROACT

“It is gratifying to know that I have a role in the development of the drug. To believe that this may help others in the future is a real reward too”

Patient using PROACT