Shaping cancer therapy

Your patients will be an integrated part of the research team. They will appreciate their role in creating a greater understanding of new cancer medicines and better treatments. Their perception will be transformed from being a bystander in a clinical trial to being an important contributor of information that will help to shape cancer therapy.

Through the advanced genomics approaches employed by the Manchester Centre of Cancer Biomarker Sciences, digitalECMT aims to improve the molecular selection of patients. Using this approach, all relevant data can be integrated, maintained and assessed during the trial, enabling optimal cancer therapies to be matched to patient benefit.

Helping you to make more informed decisions

digitalECMT will be a catalyst to access broad and evolving science, providing the means to assimilate detailed and interpretable information. This will help you to make more informed decisions, faster. Supporting our clinical trials will enable you to proactively work with the patient and clinical team to improve the management of side effects and tolerability. Our technologies, empowering patients to be interactively involved in the decision-making around their trial, mean you can achieve a greater difference for patients.