Established in 2016, the digital ECMT is within Professor Caroline Dive’s Centre for Cancer Biomarker Sciences at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, part of The University of Manchester. We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise to connect patients, clinical teams, technology and science. These include business analysis, clinical informatics, clinical trial conduct, software/enterprise systems, patient engagement and communications. We are fortunate to have experts from The University of Manchester’s Research IT department as team members.

  • Andrew Hughes Strategic Director

    Andrew Hughes Strategic Director

    21 years in AstraZeneca in translational medicine and Phase 1 in oncology, anti-infectives, neuroscience and analgesia. Chair of Experimental Cancer Medicine University of Manchester 2006-present and clinical lead of Manchester’s Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.

    I chair the Joint Steering Committee of the iDECIDE grant award with AstraZeneca which is the largest grant secured thus far within digitalECMT and is focused upon developing new ways to visualise Phase 1 clinical trial data and make this more accessible to the patient and research team involved in the clinical trial. I also ensure that digitalECMT has access to its partner team within The Christie NHS Foundation Trust- the Experimental Cancer Medicine Team for piloting new ways of collecting and accessing Phase 1 clinical trial data

  • Dónal Landers Director

    Dónal Landers Director

    Senior Director Physician with my main specialty in Pharmaceutical Medicine. I hold an MBA and studied Computer Science. I have over 25 years of experience and achievement in clinical practice, healthcare/pharma consulting, and delivering health informatics solutions. Strong general commercial and business experience with involvement in multiple start-ups, including my own business. I currently hold a dual industry/academic role.

    I am driven by delivering innovative solutions that give patients a stronger voice and role in the clinical decision making process – empowering patients and driving better clinical decisions!

  • Jenny Royle Training co-lead, UpSMART
    Accelerator programme

    Jenny Royle Training co-lead, UpSMART
    Accelerator programme

    I have spent many years working in all phases of clinical development and have a wide range of expertise in disciplines including clinical science, regulatory affairs, data visualization and analysis, risk monitoring and management strategy, and patient-focused research.  Having been the Chief Investigator for the Digital ECMT’s first trial of a digital healthcare product, I’m now sharing the knowledge gained through co-leading the training program-development for the UpSmart Accelerator programme.
  • Leanna Goodwin Research Practitioner

    Leanna Goodwin Research Practitioner

    I have a strong professional background in qualitative research along with extensive experience in Phase 1 oncology clinical trials, as well as an MRes in Experimental Medicine (Cancer).

    My focus is on facilitating the entire clinical trials process. This involves coordinating all trial-related activities at site, including identifying potential participants, and undertaking key trial assessments. I am passionate about working closely with patients to transform their role within clinical research.

  • Laura Stephenson Project Manager

    Laura Stephenson Project Manager

    I have over 15 years of experience leading complex projects within healthcare environments including the NHS, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries. I have specific expertise in toxicology, oncology drug development and cancer services within the NHS.

    I am a committed and enthusiastic individual who will strive to ensure we work as a team to deliver projects which add real value to patients to improve their outcomes.

  • Jason Swift Technical Program Leader

    Jason Swift Technical Program Leader

    Scientific IT leader with 22 years’ experience within the Pharmaceutical industry. Delivery of scientific software solutions, projects, programmes and build of scientific IT and informatics capabilities from early Research through to Clinical development. My whole career has had a focus on solving information challenges within innovation and science driven organisations.

    I am passionate about the impact Informatics and IT can have on the patient. I am responsible for building the technical and scientific capabilities within the Digital ECMT and ensuring we focus on innovation to ultimately deliver impact where it matters – in the clinical, to the patient.

  • Julie Stevenson Senior Business Analyst

    Julie Stevenson Senior Business Analyst

    Strong background in science with an BA in chemistry, an MSc in bioinformatics, a D. Phil in bioinorganic chemistry and post-doctoral experience in cellular and molecular biology.  Worked as a bioinformation for a drug discovery company before joining a scientific software consultancy where transitioned from a role in software development to business analysis.  Have experience of working with both the public and private sector, having worked closely with teams within the NHS and pharmaceutical companies.

    I will work with people who are involved in clinical trials to gather and understand their requirements and translate them into solutions which meet their needs.

  • Leanne Ogden Clinical Research Fellow in Nephrology

    Leanne Ogden Clinical Research Fellow in Nephrology

    Following the completion of my medical degree at the University of Newcastle I have worked in clinical medicine for the past 8 years, more latterly specialising within the field of nephrology.  In 2017 I joined the DigitalECMT team specifically within the Nephro-oncology project to explore the interface between the two specialities and ultimately improve care and outcomes for kidney patients with cancer.  This project is innovative and has the potential to make a real difference to patients. I feel excited and privileged to be part of it.

  • Akshita Patil Project Manager, UpSMART
    Accelerator programme

    Akshita Patil Project Manager, UpSMART
    Accelerator programme

    I have a scientific background in biomedical engineering and completed my PhD in Tissue Injury and Repair. I have worked in healthcare equity research and managed an NIHR in vitro diagnostics programme, collaborating with the NHS and industry (SMEs) on large multidisciplinary research projects.

    I aim to successfully manage the delivery of the UpSMART Accelerator Programme and have a positive impact on those involved in early phase cancer clinical trials.

  • Jenny Ward Administration Co-ordinator

    Jenny Ward Administration Co-ordinator

    I have over 30 years of experience in Administrative and Project roles, including HR, Business Development and Scientific Project Co-ordination.

    I am committed to the digitalECMT team and the patients we focus upon, collaborating with others whilst displaying initiative, self-reliance and a tenacious approach to problem solving.

  • Paul O’Regan Clinical Informatician

    Paul O’Regan Clinical Informatician

    I have over fifteen years’ experience of biological research, specialising in the application of bioinformatics to extract value from large, multidimensional datasets. I have worked across academic, government and pharmaceutical sectors, and have a strong understanding of drug discovery processes and clinical trials governance. I am driven by a desire to help discover new medicines, in particular through the application of technology and the analysis of big data.

    I am here to understand your research questions, to ensure efficient deployment of software to support your study, and to look for opportunities to develop new tools to add value to your research data.

  • Oskar Wysocki Research Data Scientist

    Oskar Wysocki Research Data Scientist

    Data scientist with a strong background in engineering with BSc in Civil Engineering and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, finishing PhD in Predictive models in machine exploitation. Worked in various fields of research, including medical data analysis, 3D object segmentation, computer vision and optimization for engineering systems. Always fascinated with and oriented towards the application of AI and Machine Learning.

    As a member of digital ECMT and AI Systems Team at the University of Manchester, my goal is to deliver transparent and explainable AI algorithms, which will help you benefit from and trust our innovative digital solutions.

    (AI System, Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Manchester)

  • Fouziah Butt Business Analyst

    Fouziah Butt Business Analyst

    BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

    Experience within the clinical arena expands across working on clinical trials within a Phase I Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) and translational research in oncology, spanning clinical safety through to exploratory biomarkers driving personalised medicine.

    I will work closely with scientists, clinicians and patients gathering requirements to understand the clinical questions and patient needs transforming them into solutions.  My ultimate aim is to allow clinicians to make faster real time decisions driving forward personalised medicine and ultimately benefitting the patient.

  • Paul Fitzpatrick Senior Architect

    Paul Fitzpatrick Senior Architect

    I work with talented people to bring technology solutions to research challenges. My experience is across industries with a focus on significant collaborations in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology teams.

    We have access to leading technology and my role is to work out how best use it. The opportunity to bring creative digital solutions into cancer research is a personal and professional privilege. My goal is to make a positive difference to everyone involved in the early stage of cancer medicines development.

  • Zili Zhou Research Data Scientist

    Zili Zhou Research Data Scientist

    I have experience of machine learning and data scientist for both academic research and industry data analytics projects. After completion the Computer Science Ph.D. degree at University of Technology Sydney, Australia, I joined the University of Manchester Computer Science Department and DigitalECMT team as a machine learning researcher.

    I am here to understand the data analysis scenarios in cutting edge medical research, to provide data analytics and machine learning solutions for research data.

  • Richard Hoskins Infrastructure Analyst

    Richard Hoskins Infrastructure Analyst

    I deliver the infrastructure that the digital ECMT applications are built upon. This involves close collaboration with Data Scientists, Business Analysts and Clinicians to understand patient and medical needs. We aim to provide innovative solutions in a secure, compliant and reliable manner. Through enhanced visualisations of clinical data, and the application of digital science, we hope to provide tools that enable enhanced decision making and patient benefit.

    I have over 20 years’ experience delivering data driven applications in different sectors. This is underpinned by a strong academic background in the fields of mathematics, statistics and engineering, and a great deal of enthusiasm.

    (Research IT, The University of Manchester)

  • Chris Grave Infrastructure Analyst

    Chris Grave Infrastructure Analyst

    I have over 10 years’ experience providing IT support within an higher education background. In recent years I have been working as part of the Research IT Infrastructure team within the University of Manchester, during that time I have helped to administer and provide support to researchers on a number of computational intensive research systems and services including High Performance Computing, data storage, virtual machine provision, and research data management.

    Having worked closely with various research projects and teams in helping to implement and maintain their own bespoke IT infrastructure requirements. I am now part of the digital ECMT helping them meet their aims by supporting and provisioning new and existing services within a cloud environment.

    (Research IT, The University of Manchester)

  • Hannah Frost Clinical Trial Coordinator

    Hannah Frost Clinical Trial Coordinator

    I have a strong scientific background in pharmacology and oncology clinical trials with a BSc (hons) Pharmacology and Physiology and MRes in Experimental Cancer Medicine. My experience spans across patient centred research, translational research, Phase 1 research and radiation research.

    My focus is on supporting projects that can help clinicians to find treatments that work for patients as individuals, and to find solutions that can aide patients to cope with the emotional and physical side effects of clinical trials.

  • Anja Le Blanc Research Software Engineer

    Anja Le Blanc Research Software Engineer

    Anja is a Research Software Engineer for The University of Manchester Research IT. After finishing her Computer Science studies, Anja worked on a multitude of interdisciplinary projects. Currently, Anja works with researchers to adapt their software to run on larger data efficiently, writing bespoke code in suitable languages, and advising on applications.

    (Research IT, The University of Manchester)

  • Peter Sutovsky Research Data Scientist

    Peter Sutovsky Research Data Scientist

    My primary research interests lie in statistical and probabilistic models, machine learning, explainable AI, decision support systems, and biomedical informatics.

    During my doctoral study, I worked mainly on applications of Bayesian modelling for outbreak disease detection (also known as biosurveillance) followed by designing of an explanation facility for prediction of the model.  Since, I have worked on application of Bayesian modelling, statistics and machine learning to various real-world problems, including: applications of probabilistic models that aim to aid intelligence analytics in data analysis; Bayesian modelling applied to behavioural neuroscience and on statistical models of microbial diversity for metagenomics.

    Currently, I am working on applications of AI to medical diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

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