digital ECMT are collaborating with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, and CRUK MI on the “CORONET – COVID-19 risk in Oncology Evaluation Tool”. Funded by The Christie Charitable Foundation, the tool will aid clinicians with decisions on patient admission and outcome predictions.

Cancer patients are at an increased risk of death from COVID-19 but can present very differently with some patients having mild illness and others having very severe outcomes. In addition, cancer and its treatments can affect blood tests making it difficult to establish what is related to COVID-19 vs. their underlying cancer. A series of routinely captured parameters have been identified that predict outcome from COVID-19 in cancer patients when they present with symptoms to hospital. Our model has been validated in patients presenting to hospitals throughout the UK.

Rohan Shotton will present the tool at the virtual NCRI Conference on 2nd November 2020.

Contact us if you are interested in collaborating in the next research phase of CORONET development.