Understanding the data in early clinical trials and from comprehensive genomic profiling can be complex and challenging. Technology and tools can be used to interpret and explore these data to support decision making. It is the application of these technology and tools to support decision-making for drug development and patien ts that is key.

Richard’s poster –  “REACT (REal-time Analytics for Clinical Trials): supporting decision-making for early cancer trials” Presented at the NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) conference, 2-4 Nov 2019, Glasgow

REACT enables near real-time access to trial data to those involved in ongoing early clinical trials, both from the sponsor organisation and care-giving site. The focus can therefore be on  earlier data interpretation and decision-making rather than data gathering.  REACT supports both the individual patient management by the caregiver and drug development decisions made by the trial sponsor.

Siobhan’s poster – “Application of variant interpretation software to decipher pathogenicity of mutations for a molecular tumour board (MTB)”. Presented at the MAP (Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy) congress, 8 Nov 2019, London

 Using a variant interpretation software provides information on pathogenicity and actionability of mutations for the TARGET* trial MTB. This means that MTB discussions are focussed around actionable mutations for patients as well as identifying patterns of mutations. Applying a pathogenicity filter for ctDNA mutations using variant analysis software has scientific and potential clinical utility.

* Tumour chARacterisation to Guide Experimental Targeted therapy


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