Congratulations to our prize winners! Julie Stevenson and Paul O’Regan were awarded poster prizes at the Phase 1 conference.

Julie’s poster – eTARGET: a digital solution to integrate clinical and genomic data for the Manchester MTB.

Now an integral part of the MTB’s decision-making process, eTARGET has transformed the data visualisation and interpretation by integrating genomic NGS and clinical data in a single portal and capturing decisions in real-time. Decisions regarding significant variants, trial matching and requirements for further analyses are all held in eTARGET

Paul’s poster – Automated extraction and visualisation of data from the TARGET (Tumour chARacterisation to Guide Experimental Targeted therapy) trial to support interim analysis.

Through eTARGET, a genomic dataset can be utilised as a research tool. We have explored the utility of scripted analysis pipelines to support interim analysis. The benefit is the ‘oncoprint’ visualisation and potential to explore mutation signatures in the TARGET patient population.

Watch the video below to hear Professor Caroline Dive talking about  eTARGET


Rothwell et al., (2019). Utility of ctDNA to support patient selection for early phase clinical trials: The TARGET Study. Nature Medicine; 25 (4), 1-6.

Stevenson J, Ayub M, Dransfield S, et al. eTARGET: a digital science solution to integrate clinical and genomic data for the Manchester Molecular Tumour Board (MTB)
ESMO Open 2018;3:doi: 10.1136/esmoopen-2018-EACR25.580