The Phase 1 Conference takes place in Manchester this weekend. Our team will be presenting Posters 7-11, showing how our research and projects to change the conduct of clinical trials and the exploration and interpretation of clinical trial data in real-time.

Poster 07 – Presenter Paul O’Regan
Automated extraction and visualisation of data from the TARGET (Tumour chARacterisation to Guide Experimental Targeted therapy) trial to support interim analysis

Poster 08 – Julie Stevenson
eTARGET: a digital science solution to integrate clinical and genomic data for the Manchester Molecular Tumour Board (MTB)

Poster 09  – Presenter Jennifer Royle
Clinical trials going digital – technology, research and patient engagement

 Poster 10 – Presenter Fouziah Butt
REACT (REal-time Analytics for Clinical Trials): supporting decision-making for early cancer trials

Poster 11 – Presenter Leanne Ogden
Clinical Trials in the Home: Renal monitoring for Cancer Patients – a decentralised, patient-focussed approach