Making light work of hard decisions

We developed eTARGET in partnership with scientists and clinicians to create a technology solution that integrates genomic and clinical data.  As part of the TARGET* trial a monthly Molecular Tumour Board (MTB) was set up to manage the complex data.  The TARGET trial  shows the feasibility of carrying out a blood test to match patients to clinical trials based on the genetic profile of their tumours.

“Beyond the obvious scientific challenges, has been the collating of medical information/data across NHS/academic institutions. We are delighted that eTARGET is a digital solution which has enabled a virtual MTB to review these data and allocate patients to trials and treatments” Professor Andrew Hughes, Chair of Experimental Cancer Medicine, The University of Manchester

Decision Science

Now an integral part of the MTB’s decision-making process, eTARGET facilitates the navigation of these complex data and has transformed the data visualisation and interpretation by integrating genomic and clinical data in a single portal and capturing decisions in real-time. Decisions regarding significant variants, trial matching and requirements for further analyses are all held in eTARGET.

“eTarget builds an integrated view of each patient and the genetic profile of their disease.  Delivering this information to the Molecular Tumour Board requires the security and speed that comes from Cloud based solutions. Of course, the Cloud is no use without people and Julie Stevenson, digital ECMT and Anja Le Blanc, Research IT University of Manchester, created and delivered this platform solution” Paul Fitzpatrick, Senior Architect, digital ECMT, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, part of The University of Manchester
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Rothwell et al. Utility of ctDNA to support patient selection for early phase clinical trials: The TARGET Study. Nature Medicine.

Link to CRUK press release

Stevenson J, Ayub M, Dransfield S, et al. eTARGET: a digital science solution to integrate clinical and genomic data for the Manchester Molecular Tumour Board (MTB)
ESMO Open 2018;3:doi: 10.1136/esmoopen-2018-EACR25.58

*Tumour chARacterisation to Guide Experimental Targeted therapy