We were honoured to be the winner of the Patient Engagement award at the Microsoft Health & Artificial Intelligence Summit held in Brussels last week. It was an unexpected and delightful surprise.

The digital ECMT team received this award in recognition of the ground-breaking work we are doing to change the role of patients in early clinical trials. We are passionate about empowering patients and giving them a voice. Our aim is to fundamentally change the dynamics of early clinical trials.

We bring together academic research, the patient, technology and clinical teams to explore possibilities. Through our collaborative, patient-centric approach we have an ongoing digital trial that gives patients a voice in clinical trials. The PROACT (Patient Reported Outcomes About Clinical Trial Tolerability) trial means that patients can provide real-life, real-time insights by sending video, voice or text messages to their medical teams. We are continually learning what a powerful combination patients, technology and machine learning can be.

“We were absolutely delighted to receive this Patient Engagement award from Microsoft in recognition of the research we are doing – designing clinical trials of the future, which will require much closer involvement of patients as co-researchers.” Dónal Landers, Director, digital ECMT

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