Greater Manchester Cancer Conference

We are delighted to have been part of the Greater Manchester Cancer Conference.

Jenny Bradford, Senior Clinical Informatician, Laura Hutchinson, Business Analyst and Paul O’Regan, Clinical Informatician attended on behalf of digitalECMT and presented two posters showcasing our exiting work with technology research and patient engagement.

Advances in technology are altering everyday life and set to transform healthcare. Technology has the potential to change how we do clinical trials. New ways of working need to be developed and tested in digital trials through clinical development involving patients and we are leading the way together with colleagues at The Christie.

Already we have established a clinical & digital trial capability, gained an understanding of the central role that research nurses play in delivering these types of trials and the more complex approval processes.

We are confident that bringing together research, technology and patients we can achieve our aim to change the conduct of clinical trials.

Quote from Paul O’Regan
“Hearing the testimonials from people living with cancer was really moving, and was a reminder to me that we should continue to focus on what matters most – helping patients.”

Listen here to find out more ‘About Us’ and hear our views and why a transformation is in clinical trials is needed.