January 2018

The digitalECMT are working with AstraZeneca, through the iDecide programme, to explore how artificial intelligence can be used to adapt and redesign clinical trials.

AstraZeneca is already being recognised as leading the way in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in early clinical trials through the iDecide research programme – an innovative five year collaboration between AstraZeneca, the University of Manchester Institute of Cancer Sciences, the Centre for Cancer Biomarker Sciences and the Christie NHS Foundation Trust (digitalECMT). As a result, we can make rigorous, quantitative decisions about the drug candidates we progress to the later stages of development.

 “The Manchester collaboration is a tremendous opportunity for industry and academia to work hand in hand with patients. It brings together the AstraZeneca team, clinicians at Europe’s largest cancer hospital, University of Manchester scientists and Cancer Research UK. Together we can innovate in the conduct of clinical trials and the application of AI.” says Professor Andrew Hughes, Clinical Lead for Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine