In a ground-breaking achievement, the results from the PROACT (Patient Reported Outcomes About Clinical Trial Tolerability) trial were published with a patient as a co-author – Development and Evaluation of a New Technological Way of Engaging Patients and Enhancing Understanding of Drug Tolerability in Early Clinical Development: PROACT  published in the journal Advances in Therapy.

Developed in consultation with patients, PROACT is a new way of engaging and empowering patients that allows direct, secure communication between clinical trial patients and their medical team. PROACT allows patients to record personal video, audio, or text messages in addition to their standard case record and gives patients ‘a voice’ in clinical trials.

Co-author and patient Richard Stephens (Chair, NCRI Consumer Forum) stated, “Patient involvement in trials and studies improves the quality of the research for the researchers and the quality of experience for the participants. Put that together and it produces better treatments and outcomes for patients and our families, which is what we all want”.

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