The digital ECMT brings researchers, clinicians, technology and patients together to innovate in early clinical trials. Our aim is for patients, carers and families to work in partnership with researchers on clinical trials and new technologies.

We conduct research and trials that improve decision-making by:

  • Changing the design, delivery and interpretation in early clinical trials
  • Developing new care pathways that involve new methods for engaging patients and clinical teams in early clinical trials
  • Changing the role of the patient from a passive subject to an active participant and co-researcher in early clinical trials
  • Hypothesis testing, proof of concept and prototyping for new technology, digital solutions, devices, data-science tools and techniques

Technology Clinical Trial

We develop and deliver Technology Clinical Trials, which aim to characterise devices, technology and solutions under clinical trial conditions.

The first Technology Clinical Trial, PROACT (Patient Reported Opinions About Clinical Tolerability) is ongoing  with a further clinical-trial-in-the-home for renal monitoring planned or 2019.

Design Lab

Our Design Lab is a dedicated innovation space, located in the Phase 1 trials unit at The Christie, where we can gain insights from patients, carers and staff. We ensure that solutions and research designs are co-created form both a scientific and user perspective.

We explore the use of technology to deliver aspects of an early clinical trial outside of the hospital and taking the clinical trial to the patient. The potential benefits include:

1) adaptive eligibility criteria through improving risk monitoring for patients

2) greater data capture of key clinical variables in the first cycles of treatment for enhanced decision-making

3) potential to develop predictive analytics and new endpoints.


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