Achieving innovation in early clinical trials requires partnership and expertise. Being at the heart of world leading clinical, scientific and academic research excellence means that we can bring together the right experts needed to work together. Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Changing the patient’s role – we have expertise in working directly with patients and clinical teams to co-create solutions to change the dynamics so that patients are co-researchers contributing to new cancer medicines
  • Decision science – a multidisciplinary team that combines research expertise in data insights, analytics, digital technology and behavioural science
  • Regulatory framework – expertise in navigating the regulatory and ethical requirements for novel data science, device and technology trial designs

Who we work with

The University of Manchester – we collaborate with several groups at The University of Manchester to enhance our research capability, including the Research IT group and Computer Science Group.

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute – on the “CORONET – COVID-19 risk in Oncology Evaluation Tool”.  Funded by The Christie Charitable Foundation, the tool will aid clinicians with decisions on patient admission and outcome predictions.

Cancer Research UK Centre for Drug Development (CDD) – We partner with CRUK CDD to support CRUK- sponsored Phase 1 clinical trials with our advanced analytics tool, REACT.

Athenex and Carrick Therapeutics, – through these collaborations we provide our advanced analytics tool, REACT to support Phase 1 clinical trials and receive insights for further REACT development.

Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Team – we collaborate to deliver Technology Clinical Trials.

iMATCH (innovate Manchester Advanced Therapies Centre Hub) is a consortium to coordinate a strategy to scale-up advanced therapies for a range of debilitating conditions. Through the iDecide research programme, AstraZeneca is one of nine business partners in iMATCH and the digital ECMT provides digital science expertise to develop rapid monitoring capabilities and integration into algorithms to establish early-warning systems