Who we work with

We work closely with like-minded organisations who are committed to exploring the potential of using digital innovation to empower patient interaction and enable effective decision-making in clinical trials.

CRUK Centre for Drug Development (CDD)

Work is underway to deliver and support the implementation of REACT in key CRUK charity-sponsored Phase 1 trials.

AstraZeneca Research and Development Informatics

This collaboration will evolve the existing tools – REACT and PROACT – into new stages of development, with enhanced functionality and efficiency improvements.

Manchester Royal Infirmary (Nephrology)

This project will enable nephrology patients to take part in Phase 1 clinical trials through the use of decision support systems to closely monitor their renal function.

Through the monitoring of renal patients in real-time, it will enable chronic kidney disease patients to take part in oncology trials – something they were previously unable to do.

CARRICK/Emas Pharma

A new collaboration will see the implementation of REACT.